KetoCal® Butternut Squash Soup (4:1)

Author: Nutricia KetoCal

 g Bouillon, Wylers Instant-Beef/Chick granules
 g Oil, Olive
 g Turnips - cooked
 g Water
 g Squash, Butternut - cooked
 g Formula: KetoCal powder 3:1 Nutricia NA
 g Onions, spring or scallions (tops and bulb) - raw


  1.  Heat the olive oil over medium-low heat.  Add the butternut squash, spring onions and turnips and cook until soft.
  2.  Add the bouillon to the warm water, combine to soup base and simmer; do not boil, for about 25 minutes.
  3.  Add KetoCal and blend till smooth. Do not boil when KetoCal is in soup.
  4.  If desired, a pinch of dried herbs may be added.

Nutrition Information (for entire recipe):

Carbohydrate: 5.7g
Calories: 342
Fat: 34.2g
Protein: 3g
Ratio: 4:1


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