3:1 BLT and Avocado

Author: Greta (HCP)

Description: use 3:1 ratio only under medical supervision

 g Bacon, cooked crisp - Oscar Mayer
 g Avocado, California or Mexico (Hass)
 g Salad Dressing, Ranch - Newman's Own
 g Tomato, Cherry - raw
 ml Oil, MCT - Nestle (measure in gm)
 g Lettuce, Butterhead


mix MCT into dressing and coat chopped tomatoes, bacon and avocado. Serve on butter lettuce wraps.

Nutrition Information (for entire recipe):

Carbohydrate: 3.57g
Calories: 404
Fat: 39.03g
Protein: 9.46g
Ratio: 3:1

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